Heavenly Squadron Goseiger: EPIC ON THE MOVIE

Epic on the Movie (Script) | Epic on the Movie (Raw)

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I last released something eh? Haha. Well, with the craziness of school and all, I almost have no time to work on this, but that doesn’t mean I forgot I was doing it! So, just so I could maybe tide you guys over till I can update more regular, I decided to do the Goseiger movie (at least I think this is the only one not subbed by GUIS or Overtime). Regardless, here’s the movie!

In terms of translation choices, I really only slightly played with “Gyoutenou-sama” and translated it as “Commander Gyoteno” because he was obviously of lower rank than Mons Drake was, and since I used “Master” for Mons Drake, I needed a seperate title for him. That is all. Traditional GoseiAnongel scrubbing rules in effect of course. This movie needed more GoseiKnight.

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Epic 2: Fantastic Goseiger!

Trading Card Game OF DEATH!

Epic 2 Script | Epic 2 Raw

In today’s episode, we learn that the Goseiger are pretty much vagabonds when not in Gosei World. In other news, the Warstar now resort to kidnapping people UFO-style (appropriate, give the monster), and Hyde faces a three-second moral dilemma.

Oh, and they get a fleet of shiny new mechs. Probably one of the better first mecha fights. Well, that pretty much takes care of the introduction of Goseiger. Now, it’s on to character development… and I honestly have as much interest in Agri and Monet as I do in a jar of dirt.

Comment as per usual here or on /m/ whenever it shows up on there.

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Epic 1: The Guardian Angels, Descending!

Epic 1 Script | Epic 1 Raw

I already had the pleasure of releasing the first version of this script on /m/ yesterday, but I figured it would be very much appropriate to release it here for future reference. However, this version is a v2, featuring edits like making “Skick” into “Skyick” and the other suggestions I had gotten from users on /m/. The general translation choices were covered in the post titled “Angelic Scrubbing”, so feel free to mosey on over and read that whenever you feel like.

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Angelic Scrubbing


Hello internet. I will start off by saying that my interest in Goseiger is… average at best. It certainly isn’t my favorite series, but it’s not a bad one either, and since the other series were being scrubbed, I thought to myself, why not try it out? Thus, I embarked on this project. I might as well use this opening post to address some translation choices while I’m at it as well.

The term “Tensou”, as you will see in my scripts, is a unique thing. When it’s used as a noun or adjective, such as in the title “Tensou Sentai Goseiger” or when the characters describe “Tensoujutsu”, then I originally put it as “Heavenly-Armed”, becase of the kanji meaning “heaven” and “arms” make up “Tensou”. However, due to the advice of a rather helpful individual, I opted to use “Heavenly” and dropped the “-Armed” bit. Sounds less awkward I suppose. Now, as for when it’s used as a verb? That’s when I put it as “Heavenly Transfer”, since “Tensou” as a verb means “transfer”. I wanted to play that off with some word play whenever they used a Gosei Card.

Oh, speaking of Gosei. You will be able to tell immediately that I opted to use “Guardian” instead of relying on Gosei. There’s actually a good reason for that… That’s what the Goseigers ARE. They aren’t angels in the traditional sense that most media would portray them as (they even lampshade this in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger). They act as guardians of the earth and defend it. You couldn’t even tell they WERE angels if they didn’t tell you straight out. So yeah. Guardian Angels.

I also changed one word in the team catchphrase “Protecting the planet is an angel’s duty!”. I read that Toei released the kanji for Goseiger and that it read as “Planet Defender”. So to reflect that, I changed “Protecting” to “Defending”.

Well, I think that’s everything so far. Feel free to drop a comment or two here, or on the /m/ release threads if you’re shy. Now if you excuse me, I have an appointment with five angels in training.

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